On April 21st, 2017,  FourStyles released their second album “Cuatro Estilos” on the prestigious German guitar label   Acoustic Music Records.

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“…. following the album concept … their playing creates a sound which allows the development of warm, confident and virtuoso qualities on many levels, bringing professionalism and passion to the table, without sounding in the least contrived. “Cuatro Estilos” is at one and the same time finely artistic and hugely entertaining.”  Gregor Poschoreck in SoulTrainOnline (used by permission)

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The first album “FourStyles”  (2013  – with former line-up: Karl Schloz  – jazz, Georg Kempa – flamenco, Heiko Ossig – classical, and Ian Melrose – folk/fingerstyle) is available directly from FourStyles – )